Many years ago, one of my mentors, Bob Proctor, was working on a program with a young lady he was mentoring. And this is such an inspiring story that I thought this is a great match and a Must-Read in our member area!

She was a hard worker. She held down a 9-to-5 job, and she had a few entrepreneurial projects going on the side.

One day, he invited her to his home to work on a project.

“Why?”she asked.

She didn’t think it was necessary to fly all the way to Toronto when they could get the work done from their respective homes.

And she was right.

But, he knew the young lady needed to see something he could never fully explain to her if they were working over the phone.

So, he said…

“You’re Flying to My Home This Weekend.”

She did as he requested and jumped on a plane a few days later.

When she walked into his home, her jaw dropped.

People were bustling about doing all kinds of things—cleaning the house, preparing food for them, washing clothes and scheduling his appointments.

Thatis why he wanted her to come to his home. He wanted her to see how he lived.

He explained that having others do small tasks for him was not out of arrogance, but out of necessity.

Bob needed people to clean his house, wash his car and pay his bills so he could dedicate his time and energy to the things he loved doing and was very good at. Things he could share with people around the world to help them succeed and prosper.

He said,

“This is how you stay focused. If you’re running around doing all these things yourself, you’re never focused enough to get anything done properly.”

Seeing how he lived changed the young lady’s life. She realized she didn’t have to do it all, and she started doing more of the things she really liked to do. The things that meant the most to her.

Today she leads a gratifying life, both personally and professionally.

A Golden Rule for Living a Good Life…

Everyone wants to be happy. Although each person’s experience of joy varies, it’s a universal urge we all share.

So, one of the first rules for living a good life is to…


And the best way to accomplish that is to do what you like or love as often as you can.

Think about it.

When we were children, we didn’t shy away from our passions. Back then, we lived from a place of wonder, play, and delight.

Unfortunately, many of us are taught to abandon our natural passions as we cross the divide between childhood and adulthood. And yet, the things that delight us are what drive us to be the very best individuals we can be.


The things that make us happy at our core are our real purpose for living.They’re what we’ve come to this planet to do.

And when we connect to our true purpose in life, we live our lives in service and bliss.

That’s why wealthy people—and I’m referring to far more than material wealth here—don’t spend a lot of time doing things they don’t like. They focus on the things they love to do.

They understand their highest purpose is to feel joyful. Because when you feel good, you attract wonder and abundance in all forms.


If you’re like many people, you may feel uncomfortable about getting people to do things that you don’t want to do. You may feel like you don’t have enough money to pay them or have some other limiting belief that stops you from spending most of your time doing things you love.

Well, let me tell you something.

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.

So, if the idea of enlisting others’ help scares you to the point of emotional paralysis, go deeper. Find a “why” that is big and strong enough for you to do whatever it takes to create a team or a system that allows you to engage in activities and with people who make your heart sing.

I promise you this…

If you start doing what you like to do and stop doing what you don’t like to do, it will change your life.You will be deeply connected to the spiritual power that is always flowing to and through you, and your joy and contentment will elevate everyone you meet.


The older you get, the more you will become aware of exactly how short life is.

Right now, you have the potential to do anything you choose and to do it well. So please, decide to do what makes you happy.

When we’re happy, we want to share what we’re doing. As we bring happiness into the lives of others, it comes back to us like ocean waves gently rolling out to sea and rushing back to shore.

Every day is a great day when you do things you like to do because you are living your purpose and serving the world.

I couldn’t be happier with my life.

I get up early every morning, eager to share what I know so I can change people’s lives in the biggest and best ways I can think of.

Your life will be the same if you embrace what you love.

So now, I’d like to hear from you…

Post something below that makes you happy. Something that delights you so much it makes time fly. It’ll be a wonderful way to spread joy and love to anyone who reads this post.

If you’re not sure how to answer this question, spend some time thinking about things that light you up. It can be something as simple as playing with your dog, walking in the woods, or helping your friends work through a problem or challenge.

Listen to whatever immediately comes to you – these are signs leading you to your highest purpose, your most heartfelt desires, and ultimately your destiny.

To your success,

Patrick Amadeu

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