If you start to stress and your motivation begins to evaporate when workout time rolls around, switch things up to something your body and mind will look forward to. From virtual reality bikes to incentive-based approaches to exercise, there are compelling alternatives to get you moving. For inspiration, consider some of these strategies.

It can be hard to get pumped up to zip to the gym. For those days when you need an extra push, consider “temptation bundling.” This trend refers to the practice of combining something that needs to get done with something you want to get done. Dying to watch the latest episode of your favorite show? Tell yourself you can only stream it at the gym. You’ll have more incentive to hop on that elliptical machine. Combining activities is also a good way to squeeze exercise into a jam-packed schedule.
Regular exercise doesn’t have to mean carving out an hour a day to get to the gym either—especially when you’re strapped for time. Work fitness into your daily routine to burn extra calories without even realizing it. Gather your coworkers for outdoor walks over lunch, skip the elevator to get your steps in, crunch out sit-ups and pushups while catching up on Netflix. Seamlessly working in working out helps you kick-start your metabolism without the drama.
Riding a stationary bike is a long trip to nowhere. A change of scenery can keep things fresh. These days, more and more gyms are letting you revolutionize your ride with virtual reality. And, thanks to ever evolving technology, today’s experiences actually feel like the real deal. You can bike up mountain paths or pedal through bustling cities. Some spin classes are even incorporating soothing scents into the mix. No high-tech hot spots near you? Use your phone to bring the tech to you. Try downloading an app to help make workouts fun, even from your living room. Options range from quick calorie-busting workout tracks to instructive yoga guides, to interval regimens. Find what works for you, or switch things up daily to keep things interesting.
It’s a lot easier to get up and get at it when you feel energized and healthy. Exercising regularly may boost your body’s need for B vitamins, which are necessary for energy support. Taking a supplement rich in B vitamins can aid energy production in your body. Be sure to also replenish your muscles with protein after your workout. Refueling with protein can help ensure you’re ready to go back for more the next day because protein provides your muscles with the amino acids they need to repair and rebuild themselves after they’ve been put through their paces. Opt for a protein shake or protein bar after working out for a quick and convenient way to give your muscles what they crave to stay on track.
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