Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight On Vacation

R&R doesn’t have to sabotage your diet or your gut health. From curbing your appetite to keeping your digestive system balanced as you try out new cuisines, there are a variety of strategies that can help keep your weight management efforts on track when you’re traveling. Consider these for your next globe-trotting adventure.

When you’re traveling, there’s often delicious food at every turn, and it’s easy to fall victim to your eyes being bigger than your stomach. New and exciting food experiences are something that should be enjoyed, but if you’re watching your calorie intake, consider taking an appetite control supplement prior to eating a big restaurant meal. Doing so may suppo0rt your sense of fullness and enable you to indulge in moderation.
It’s hard to resist cravings when you face them at every turn and your stomach is growling. Whether it’s unhealthy temptations at the airport or nothing but fast food options on the road, eating on the go can be challenging. Don’t leave your healthy diet up to chance. Consider packing several low-calorie, protein bars or ready-to-drink protein shakes and using them as breakfasts during your trip. In addition to being convenient when you’re on the go, they can help keep your hunger at bay as you check adventures off your bucket list. Plus, many protein diet drinks don’t make a big dent in your daily calorie budget, which means you can be a little more lax about what you eat for lunch and dinner. Keeping a couple low-calorie meal replacement bars on you is another way to ensure that you have a healthy, diet-friendly food option while you sightsee during the day.
Eating unfamiliar cuisines, staying in hotels and taking various modes of public transportation can put your immune system and your stomach to the test. The last thing you want is to have your stomach steal the show during your big getaway. To support your digestion and your health, consider taking a probiotic supplement daily during your trip. When taken on a regular basis, probiotics can influence the balance of the body’s natural flora and support healthy immune function.
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