4 Reasons To Make Tea A Part Of Your Diet


Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water, and for good reason. Both green tea and black tea are derived from the leaves of the evergreen plant Camellia sinensis and subsequently boast an impressive array of potential benefits. Black and green tea can also be a helpful component of a healthy weight management program. Here’s why:

Drinking water is an important part of healthy weight management and staying hydrated can help keep hunger at bay. But sometimes, water can get boring. As a beverage that is practically calorie-free, tea is a tasty, healthy way to hit your daily H2O quota, without breaking your daily calorie budget. To reap potential health benefits, aim to drink three to five cups of green or black tea every day. Herbal teas are another diet-friendly hydration option—though they don’t technically qualify as “tea,” since they’re not derived from Camellia sinensis. They come in a wide array of flavors and can also contribute to your daily water intake, which may help stave off cravings.
Both green and black tea are loaded with antioxidants in the form of polyphenols. Included among these polyphenols is a certain class, called catechins. Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, is a catechin that supports metabolism. Green tea is especially rich in EGCG.
Caffeine, which promotes alertness and may help boost your resting metabolism thanks to its its thermogenic properties, is naturally occurring in both green and black tea. And, while coffee certainly has caffeine, it doesn’t have the antioxidants that tea has. Tea also has the added benefit of caffeine customization—the concentration increases depending on how long you steep it, which gives you the flexibility to tailor your caffeine dose to your personal preference. That’s some stiff competition for your morning cup of java.
If tea isn’t your bag, you can potentially reap its benefits from tea extracts found in many dietary supplements. Most are sold as the dried leaf in capsule form, but liquid extracts made from the leaves and leaf buds of tea are also available. Black and green tea extracts can be found in detox cleanses and are often used in dietary supplements as a way to support metabolism and increase mental alertness.
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