How Veggies Help With Weight Managament

Since they tend to be naturally low in fat and carbs, veggies—particularly non-starchy varieties like broccoli, brussels sprouts and leafy greens—increase the size of your meals without increasing your calorie intake. They also take longer to chew, which can help you consume less because your brain has more time to process fullness.

Vegetables contain more water by weight, meaning they can help keep you hydrated and full. Research suggests that staying hydrated by drinking water and eating water-loaded fruits and veggies like zucchini, radishes and celery may help with healthy weight management.
Vegetables are nutrient-dense and especially rich in potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid and vitamin C. Keeping your diet packed with these kinds of vitamins and minerals keeps you feeling satisfied longer, which can contribute to a successful weight management program. Plus, a nutrient-rich diet helps regulate and maintain your digestive and overall health.
If eating vegetables makes you cringe, aim to get their crucial nutrients via alternative sources, such as fiber supplements, nutritional meal replacement shakes, probiotics and a powerful daily multivitamin (or, specific vitamins and minerals your diet may be lacking). Many protein shakes also contain fiber and have the added advantage of coming in a wide range of flavors and varieties. Veggies can also be incorporated into smoothies, which may be more appetizing to choosy eaters.
It’s important to work vegetables into your diet whenever possible, but boosting your intake via supplemental sources can help fill any gaps. Just remember—providing your body with the nutrients it needs will help keep you feeling satisfied and healthy.

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