Why NOT Taking Fish Oil is Making you Dumber and Fatter

Fish Oil

I have a core group of vitamins and supplements that I simply won’t live without, period. There’s only thee of them, and they’re critical to getting the most out of your business and mental performance. But before I dive head first into what those supplements are, I want to spend a little bit of time talking about what I would call my absolute top supplement (although it works synergistically with my other top vitamins and minerals).

I’m going to show you why the traditional ‘healthy’ Omega-6 Fats that we hear so much about are causing inflammation impairing your brain function and killing your motivation… which adds up to pretty much everything you don’t want to be in business. Overweight and fatigued.

Have you ever taken ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory? Well, ibuprofen STOPS the same inflammation that Omega-6 fats (your everyday ‘healthy fats’ like canola oil) CAUSE! Keep reading and I’ll show you how you can correct it.

But before you read any further, it’s important to recognise where vitamins and minerals come into play in your life. Are you relying on supplements to get nutrients that you’re not obtaining from your diet? Or are you using supplements to enhance an already good diet? Day in and day out I hear from clients that don’t exactly eat the best diets and they expect supplements to pick up the slack… well we know deep down that this isn’t true, but what I am about to say may help solidify something for you. If you strategically supplement vitamins and minerals with an even remotely sound diet, you will benefit 2-3x more from the supplements then if you relied on them solely.

So why is the right fish oil so important to getting your brainpower amped up in the same way that it amps up your metabolism?

We hear so much about fish oil being good for the heart. Yes, it is good for the heart, but hearing about how omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of a heart attack or get rid of arterial plaque is well, anything less than invigorating. I mean, let’s not discount the fact that it’s entirely true. It’s been shown in study after study that fish oil increases blood lubrication and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (1), but let’s get into the fun stuff.

Fish-Oil Makes You Smarter

When you’re dieting, it’s important to keep your cognitive ability. Most of the people that I work with are high performing entrepreneurs and executives that are looking to maintain their brain performance while still being able to look their best. So often when people go on a diet they begin to decline in terms of cognitive function. They deprive themselves of fats and other vital calories that are necessary to maintain brain function. Let it be clear here that the brain does thrive quite well on fats, and specifically ketone bodies at that, but in this case, let’s talk about the positive benefits of DHA.

DHA, or docosahexanoic acid is one of two Omega-3 Fatty Acids found within fish oil pills, and when it comes to your brain it is everything that you need from a supplement. Our hippocampus, the portion of the brain that is responsible for memory predominantly functions on DHA. In fact, it is shown that increased levels of DHA consumption directly effect the levels of DHA within the hippocampus portion of the brain… leading to significant memory increases and less brain fatigue (2)!

The other important thing to note when it comes to a peak-performing brain is that of inflammation. A word that we hear too often and pay no attention to. Well, newsflash, that inflammation is everywhere around us and is preventing our brain from doing it’s job.

Let’s put it this way. We should, ideally, have a ratio of 1:2 omega 6 fatty acids to omega 3 fatty acids. Most of our western culture has a ratio of about 17:1 omega-6 to omega-3. This doesn’t sound all that exciting until I say this:

Our brains really only allow for the full appreciation of two fats, Omega-3s and Omega-6s. Simply put, when our brain is designed for a 1:2 ratio and we are giving it a 17:1 ratio, we are missing out on some serious untapped potential of the brain!

By supplying the body with larger amounts of fish oil and omega 3s, we can actually displace the omega 6s that we get so much of and begin transforming the brain. Truthfully, if we can sustain a solid balance of the right omega 3s, the memory capabilities that we could have, could end up being off the charts.

Can you imagine what this could do for your business and your energy?

So How do you Take It?

Some of it is going to depend on your diet and your region that you live in. Candidly, if you’re someone that lives in the middle of a country, not close to the sea, you’re going to more than likely need more in the way of omega 3s simply because you’re not getting them from your natural diet.

To begin reallocating the sources of fat that your body runs on, you need to get it into a positive balance of omega-3s to omega-6s. So start with about 1,000mg of high quality fish oil 3x per day and monitor how you feel. Remember, supplements are just that, a supplement, and it is always best to try your hardest to get your vitamins and minerals from the diet, but when it comes to getting optimal results, you can’t rely on the poor quality of much of our food sources.

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