mindset Sep 18, 2020

One thing I’ve learned is that there is never a ‘perfect moment’, never a ‘perfect day’, never a ‘perfect timing’, never ‘the right time’. Perfect conditions never actually come together.

A perfect time never happens. And does this ‘scenario’ sound familiar to you?
I was wishing it was Sunday again so I could sleep in and have one more day to catch up on everything around my house. Bad moods are the worst. They sap our energy, creativity, drive and sometimes cause us to engage in behavior that isn’t healthy. Hello, snacks I’m not even hungry for? Self-indulgent movie watching when I should be studying? Bring it on.


Look, we can’t feel like Sunshine 24/7 but you know those times when you catch yourself feeling uninspired or just down on life for no good reason – that’s the time you need to pull out a game plan, my game plan!
We have to take the moment and make it “perfect” by making it our own.
Doing what we can with what we have. Today! Right now!
If today is a workout day, I want to hear about it! Tell me about it and leave a comment below!
If it’s a rest day, I want to know what you are doing that supports YOU and the reason you started this challenge in the first place!
So send me an email, I am waiting for it 🙂
One of the most effective ways to change our mental state is to get physical. If you’re at work, you can still do this!
When I have to move I use moves like the full body extensions. You don’t need anything special to do this, just shoot your butt back, keep your chest up, touch the floor and then fully extend, squeezing your butt and reaching your arms up overhead.
You can turn it into jump extensions if you have a giving surface to land on. Land softly. Do about 10-15 and notice if you feel any different. No? Do 10-15 more.
While you’re moving, just be in your body. Notice how the movement feels. Do you feel strong? Because you are.
You’re a CHAMPION!
The human body is pretty amazing – it does all kinds of things like carry us around all day, BUT it’s completely dependent on you to take care of it. Filling it up with junk is going to make it run like a rusty old Chevy, sputtering exhaust and creaking around.
Today, I put these 6 simple ingredients in my shake:
1. Mixed Greens
There was spinach, baby kale and romaine!
1.5 cups leafy greens are rich in fiber, full of vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting phytochemicals. That’s important for weight loss and weight maintenance, because it keeps you feeling full- and helps control your hunger. It lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and reduces blood-sugar spikes by slowing how fast carbs are absorbed into your bloodstream. This lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
2. Strawberries (5)
Strawberries are an awesome source of Vitamin C, the antioxidant responsible for boosting our immune system and protecting us from free radical damage. Vitamin C from natural sources plays an important role in strengthening the cornea and retina of the eye, and protects against free radical damage to the eyes caused by UV radiation from the sun. Strawberries also contain ellegic acid, a compound that prevents collagen destruction and the inflammatory response – 2 major factors in the development of wrinkles. Hello, beautiful skin!
3. Banana (1)
Bananas are high in fiber, rich in potassium and a great source of Vitamin B6. What’s in it for you? Potassium helps regulate our blood pressure and keeps our heart functioning right. It’s also used by our bones to reduce calcium excretion – important especially as we get older and want strong bones! Vitamin B6 contains this cool compound called Pyrodoxine, which keeps heart disease at bay by lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. It can also alleviate PMS symptoms!
4. Fresh Lemon, squeezed (1/4)
I’m a big fan of adding a little citrus to my smoothies because I heart Vitamin C so much. Lemons also help alkalize the body which is especially important for those of us who eat processed foods, white flours or sugar which upsetting blood pH and can make it acidic.
5. Almond Milk (you can also use water, coconut water or other milk)
Almond milk has about 50% of your daily recommended serving of Vitamin E, one of the antioxidants essential to protecting skin health. It’s lactose free, and contains healthy Omega fats that help prevent high blood pressure and heart disease. Look for unsweetened almond milk with as few additional ingredients as possible.
6. Protein Powder (1 serving)
Just to pimp your smoothie with more protein! Add as per your current product recommendation!
That’s about it. I hope this little 2-step strategy helps you today, or another day – it’s totally normal to feel down, just don’t let it take over for long!

If that post provided value to you, then feel free to share it with a friend and leave me a comment below!

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