How It Works

OUR Pillar based Coaching SYSTEM

For Female Medical Shift Workers

Becoming an authority in the fitness industry was an obvious and natural choice for us as we are  passionate about healthy living and sharing our expertise and knowledge with people.

​As one of the most sought after coaches, we’ve been coaching busy, everyday people in healthy lifestyle living since 2003.

Our credo is to encourage, inspire, educate and support clients to achieve the best version of themselves, in a progressive, enjoyable, safe and effective manner.

pillar 1

free consultation

Before starting your journey with us, we will book a consultation call with you. This call usually takes 20 minutes, where we will get an opportunity to talk about your needs, your goals, lifestyle habits and your diet. Furthermore we will find out if we are a fit for you as we understand your time is precious and we certainly do not want to waste it! On this call we will prescribe the best path forward for you to progress and achieve more than you thought possible.

Pillar 2

wellness evaluation

Before you can start your coaching journey with us, we will need you to complete our wellness evaluation. This evaluation will build the foundation of your coaching journey which is going to be highly individualised. You see there isn’t a blueprint like ‘one size fits all’.

Everybody is different, even if the goal is the same. And so is our coaching program!

Different for everybody!

Pillar 3

our Coaching Platform

We always start our new coaching clients on a Monday! And from this Monday on, you will have full access to our coaching platform.

This platform comes with daily tasks and you will have to invest about 10-15 minutes per day to complete them. These tasks focus on education in regards to your mindset, your nutrition and your workouts.

Pillar 4

Weekly coaching calls

Every week we are hosting group coaching calls for our coaching clients. These calls are hosted on Zoom and we encourage everyone to participate since these calls are filled with value, education and knowledge.

On these calls we talk in depth about mindset, nutrition, exercise and topics you want us to talk about. All calls are certainly recorded and accessible through our coaching platform.

Every call will be finished with a Q&A session, so come, participate and ask us!

pillar 5

Our unique Accountability and community system

We have developed a unique and powerful accountability and community system comprising of

  • our closed Facebook group (only accessible for female medical shift workers!)
  • our weekly coaching calls
  • our weekly self assessment forms
  • our weekly check-ins through our own fitness app
  • your personal and direct contact with Patrick 

We are very proud of our Facebook group!

This is a closed group and only accessible for female medical shift workers who are our clients. You are not only going to meet new people and make new friends but you will also find the support you need through this community. And we can’t stress enough that this is a safe place for you!

Every week you will be asked to complete a short self assessment form. This way, you are holding yourself accountable for you did the last week. It also gives you a powerful chance to find out more about yourself and why, for example, certain tasks weren’t completed. Only Emily and Patrick will receive a copy of your self assessment and we will certainly look into that to help you even more!

At the end of every week you will do a weigh-in and take your measurements through our fitness app. Every four weeks you will take progress photos through it as well. As for the self assessment forms, only Patrick has access to your weigh-ins etc. and will review them to maximise your results!

pillar 6

mindset coaching

For many people trying to overhaul their lifestyle with nutrition and exercise, it isn’t just as simple as flicking a switch.

In order to create the necessary changes and keep them going long-term it requires having the right mindset.

Two of the biggest challenges for people are building their self-belief and becoming open to changing their ways and taking on new habits.

Our goal is to help you realise that the only thing stopping you from moving forward is understanding that you can change.

With mindset training we help you set meaningful goals, change your unhealthy habits, gain willpower and motivation, plus strengthen your self-belief.

And the results will be mind blowing – guaranteed!

pillar 7

Our Unique approach to Nutrition

Honestly – 70% of losing body fat comes down to your nutrition.

If you are not following a suitable nutritional system, or worse still are on a fad diet, then it doesn’t matter how hard you train in the gym, you will not get the long lasting results you’re looking for.
We will give you individual nutritional guidance which :

  • Doesn’t require you to starve yourself or cut out carbs like a lot of diets, causing your metabolism to slow right down and make you feel tired and hungry all day long.
  • Doesn’t require eating broccoli all day – You’ll still be able to have the foods you enjoy.
  • Doesn’t involve following set meal plans – You’ll have flexibility and choice on what you eat.

The nutrition system we have developed is pretty simple really. You’ll quickly create habits and make nutrition a lifestyle, not a diet. And you will see that you can easily achieve your weight goals while still eating the foods you love.

pillar 8

personalised workout

We will give you full access to our own fitness app. Your personalised workout program will be delivered through the app and you will conveniently track the workouts and your progress (eg. weigh-in, body measurements incl. body fat%, progress photos and much more).

You will not only be training progressively and efficiently but you will also learn HOW to train.

Our philosophy is to educate you, so that one day you will have the motivation and knowledge to be able to train yourself safely and effectively.

​Not only will you learn techniques and training systems, but you will also learn the purpose and benefits of each element because in order to be motivated to achieve a goal you need to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, during every step of the journey.

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