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This is How Inner Nation Works

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... I will show you how to eliminate stubborn body fat, increase your metabolism, & build strong, defined muscles WITHOUT starving yourself batshit crazy.

But can I tell you one thing that sucks and one thing that’s great?

Most people live their entire life without EVER getting to a point where they feel 100% completely happy and confident with how their body looks.

Sure, they might love their body and respect it and cherish it.  

But there’s almost always a whisper of a voice — an uneasiness in the back of their mind — when they look in the mirror and don’t feel 100% confident in what they see staring back.

And that sucks. A lot. It’s a terrible feeling and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

The thing that’s great…

You CAN be 100% happy and confident with how your body looks.

You can. You should. And I want to help you do it.

Before you join me in The Inner Circle you need to know I don’t have any tricks or potions or magic spells.

I don’t have any “quick fixes” or “magic bullets.”

What I have — all I have — is real, straight forward, science-based and time tested strategies proven to get you results…AS LONG AS you are willing to put in the work.

Get Unlimited Access to My BEST Workouts, Nutrition Plans & Members-Only Inner Nation

For many years I’ve worked exclusively with 1-on-1 online coaching clients and have had amazing results.

Issue is, that type of coaching is very expensive, so many can’t afford it. And there’s only so many people I can work with at once, so I wasn’t able to help as many people as I wanted.

That was the worst part. Because I didn’t get into coaching to be make money. (Lol, if anyone does, they’re in for quite the surprise.)

I got into coaching to help people. As many people as I possibly could. And it got to a point where I realized 1-on-1 wasn’t the best way to do that.

That’s Why I Created The Inner Nation.

Because now you can get unlimited access to my all-time BEST workouts, nutrititon programs, healthy fat loss recipes, and my members-only accountability forum all in one spot.

And, best of all, you get it at a fraction of the cost you’d pay to work with me 1-on-1.

Literally everything you will ever need to burn fat, build muscle, get more defined is all available in my Inner Circle including…

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Unique Mindset Module To Create An Invincible Mindset & Confidence

Let's face it - if your mindset is not in the right spot, you are not going to put the right food into your mouth and then you can exercise how you want to - not much is going to happen! A lot of people know that their mindset is in charge of them but actually they should be in charge of their mindset and their confidence.

In this module you are going to learn step-by-step how to overcome negativity and how to create a life lasting invincible confidence and mindset.

Monthly Training Program For Him And Her

Every 4 weeks Patrick will release a new training program, personalised to your individual needs, goals and preferences. You will complete a wellness evaluation first that I get a thorough understand of what you really want and need! Your program will be delivered through our own fitness app. If you're new to lifting or you need to brush up on your technique, you will find a HD video library in our app which come with instructions on how to perform the exercises etc.

Furthermore you are going to find bonus workouts targeting specific areas of your body in our workout library and of course we are throwing in bonus workouts for your partner as well that you guys smash hit it together!

Access To My Own Fitness App

You will get full access to our own fitness app. This app is beautifully designed and you can not only track all of your workouts but also you can track your weekly weigh-ins, your measurements, your progress photos and so much more!

And furthermore, it comes with a full HD video exercise library with over 1000 videos including stability and warm-up exercises. The app is a great tool to not only track your physical progress but it will also show you how you are doing in regards to your nutritional regime.

Overall, the app is a fantastic and incredibly valuable edition to further your transformation.

Continuous Nutrition Education

This educational video series is designed to empower you in the area of nutrition where most people feel most helpless: how much, when, and what to eat to achieve their fitness and physique goals.

Each session's individual page contains a comprehensive video and important takeaways, how to's and a step by step system to make sure you do the right thing at the right time. Very soon you will understand that nutrition is actually a simple to conquer topic!

So whatever your goals are - effective AND lasting weight loss, toning up, or for the men, gain lean muscle mass, our system has you covered!

Lifetime Access To Our Community

In my community there is only like minded, goal-orientated people who not only WANT to change but who actually ARE changing! Remember, everybody there has a super busy lifestyle and all community members share this unique and challenging experience. So it is fair to say that they know exactly what you are facing and they will support you in a way you have never seen and felt before!

Finally you surround yourself with like-minded people, who actually understand you and your unique busy lifestyle, who will have your back at any point of time and you are going to make new friends from all around the world as well!


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