6 Month Program - US$97

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Blueprint to Shredding

Following the Shredding Blueprint, you're going to train three days a week. You're getting stronger at key lifts to build that shredded physique. You're hitting your nutrition a certain way that allows you to lean down to a low body fat, and really reveal muscle tone.

A lot of people struggle to lean down. They struggle to hit that calorie deficit. They rely on tons of cardio. They try and follow all the dogmatic diet rules, but this Blueprint is really there to strip away from the bullshit and to strip away at your body fat, so you can actually get truly lean. 

What you'll get:

  • 6 Months Program
  • Focusing On Shredding Fat & Creating An Incredible Physique
  • Access to my Fitness App*
  • Free Access To The Member Area (find more workouts, nutrition hacks etc.)

* the Fitness App will be used to not only follow and track your training program but also to track your measurements, your progress photos and so much more! This is a great way to stay focused, motivated and achieve incredible results!