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The Mind And Body Connection (Paperback)

Discover The Little Known But Highly Effective Hacks And Plans To Life Lasting Results In Weight Loss/Gain, Mindset & Confidence, Nutrition, Exercise And Much More... What you'll get: 250+ Pages Teaching Everything About Mindset, Nutrition & Exercise Easy To Understand And Implements How to Make Your Mindset Your Biggest Asset How to Create An Invincible Mindset Step-by-Step Blueprint to Diet and Training How to Achieve Lasting Weight Loss/Gain 12 Week Training Programs for Him & Her Nutritional Education and Guidance Best Diet Strategies For Anyone Also for Vegetarians And Vegans The When, Why and How Behind Supplementation  BONUS: unlimited access to my closed member area where you find heaps of extra workouts, extra webinars, nutrition hacks and so much more!  This book is geared towards anyone who really wants life lasting results. It has been updated to include a beginner, an intermediate and advanced routine and you will probably find this beneficial even as an intermediate lifter. The book is more than 250+ pages and breaks everything down in a very simplistic and easy to understand way. If you come across anything in this book that you don’t understand or you want clarification on, feel free to reach out to me via my Instagram @Official_Patrick_Amadeu or e-mail at [email protected] Just tell me you purchased the book, reference the part you want some clarification on, and I will be happy to help. This book dives deep into the aspects of mindset, nutrition and exercise. And it is supposed to be a huge initial stepping stone to get you on your way to life lasting results without suffering any phase of confusion. In case you don't like my book then contact me within 30 days after you purchased it. I will refund you, no questions asked, and you can even keep the book!

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The Mind To Body Connection

My Step-By-Step Blueprint For Weight Loss/Gain And Life Lasting Results PLUS How to Feed Muscle, Burn Fat and Gain More Time & Energy!

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